3:09 p.m.

So, I'm sitting in my room. I've just changed into some comfortable clothes, no socks, listening to Powederfinger (a great new Aussie band, but I'll get to them later) and it's soooo nice outside! The sun is bright but not that "blinded by the light" sorta whiteness.

The air is fresh, it's not too humid and it's not too breezy. That perfect mix tape of great meteorology. What exactly am I getting at? I DON'T KNOW! I think what I'm trying to say is that I wish it were like this year round. I could handle that!

And besides this great weather a few other ways to make this summer great, would include plenty of time playing with my band outside, and no one calling me, asking to go to the beach.

I have a few requests.

I'd like Coke to be good for you. In the same sense that water is good for you the more you drink it. I love water dearly dont get me wrong but when it's a hot one out there Coke is the one I reach for. (this sounds like some ad). I dunno cuz I mean, Coke cant be all that great for you, but I just loves it oh so much. (sniff)

Now, if any of you know me personally, you know that when it comes to food, I cant find ANYTHING in the fridge. I'M PICKY! Therefore, when there IS something worthwhile at my house I eat it in large quantities. Much like, say, a bear or any other wild animal might eat alot before the hybernation season ahead.

Anyway, I think what I mean is I wish I didn't feel so groce after eating alot at one time. Man that sentance sounded weird.

Oh yah...POWDERFINGER! I heard about them through work. I'd read about them in magazines and how they are Australias answer to the Matthew Good Band. So obviously, when we got a free copy of it at work, I snatched it up! Firstly their artwork is sooo totally cool and original. Reason enough to get it. And the music totally rocks! I love this, when you find out about a band before anyone else has and you get to enjoy them without being overexposed to them first. But not in that rock elitist way. And I think the MGB referance came about because they have been sort of underdogs in their homeland but have always been poised for world domination. Ya, so the album is called "Odyssey Number Five" and if you get the chance, pick it up.

So you wanna hear what happened to my friend Christine today? This is crazy! She's driving to school on the highway, and needs to take the next exit. No ones letting her in, so she squeezes in and kinda cuts a guy off. Now the weird stuff happens. The guy follows her off the highway and all the way to school! She pulls into the student parking lot and he follows. Obviously scared she gets out and makes her way into school. The guy gets out and starts waving his fists and giving her the finger whilst screaming things like "YOU'RE SOO IMMATURE, YOU NEED TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON!". Christine tells the guy that he's followed her there and now shes pretty scared. But he continues to yell at her. Screaming about how he has her plate number and that hes gonna go home and call the cops, and get them to come to her house and teach her a lesson!? So Christine took down *his* plate number and her dad called the police. I think they might be charging him!? Needless to say Christine took the afternoon off.

Man, it just goes to show you though, some people have no life! This guy had nothing better to do that follow her and act like an ass.

So I guess I'm gonna re-think calling the cops on all of those people I followed and took plate numbers down for. Maybe turn over a new leaf if you will?

(I was listening to "Odyssey Number Five" by Powderfinger when i wrote this)

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